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      Laura Stasiulytė

The artist works, observes and researches the routine, casual everyday processes and is interested in various site-specific phenomena. The stories she tells often cover only a narrow area of an actual space, however, they are deeply rooted in the political and cultural contexts and associations. Concentrated situational models presented within her work expand into more generalised statements. 

One of the main objects of focus for the artist is language. In Laura’s creative work, various texts are read out loud, recited, sung or written by hand. Investigations into language and identity often steer the artists towards the topics of memory and time.

In her early works, Stasiulyte had started off by employing her personal experiences and visualising her ideas through performative acts. However, in these pieces her personal account steps over the limits of individuality thus becoming a form of an actualised common experience.

In her later works, the artist employs a neutral strategy of observation. This observing stance allows certain socio-economic situations as well as investigations into representation and signs of power to emerge.

By looking at the artefacts of everyday life, often with a fair amount of humour, the artist manages to read into the seemingly insignificant, mundane things common to all. By consciously selecting these objects, the artist deconstructs and (re)constructs that which is here and now.

In the words of the artists herself: “I work with that which is easily reachable by hand. Yet before reaching out, I turn around on my heal, and then that which seemed so easy to grasp appears in a slightly different light”.

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